On-line Learning

Many people are seeking paths to well-being, enlightened living and deeper awareness for themselves and the global community. Spectrum International Institute for Wellness, Education and Research, in collaboration with IntegralHealing.net is providing audio and video educational information for your personal and professional development. Spectrum is also licensed to provide continuing education credits (CEU) in the State of Illinois for Professional Mental Health Counselors.

Spectrum, through Integral Healing Online Learning, offers a rich and expanding
collection of recordings of current and past educational programs. Excerpts can be
viewed prior to purchasing full-length downloads. We feature instructors of the highest caliber. These recognized experts, make valuable and useful information available at minimum cost. Our collection of podcast, audio and video recordings include classes on health, wellness, self-development and many other popular holistic topics about the body, mind and spirit.

And there's much more to come, including extensive online instructional programs that offer CEU and certifications. You can stay up to date by checking our partner-website, IntegralHealing.net regularly, for our latest programs and updates.

We look forward to including you in our worldwide audience. Join us from wherever you are, in location and in life.